4 Things We Are Thankful For + Black Friday Sale!

There are so many things to give thanks for when you’re part of the Meraki Tribe. Definitely too many to list, but we wanted to at least name the top 4.

39164313_1903761239647189_3737029599477891072_o (1)

  1. Merch

We have some really cool merchandise that can keep us feeling the Meraki love all year long. From cozy joggers and sweatshirts, to cool tees, and water bottles that keep us hydrated, you can have Meraki with you every single day.


  1. Friends from other places

Sometimes we can get caught up in our own surroundings and feel trapped. When you have a camp friend from another place, though, they’re always a call or text away and they will be there to help you gain a little perspective.


  1. Amazing Mentors

Along the same line as the friends from other places, it is also so cool to have someone who may be a little older than you to call throughout the year. Whether you need audition advice, sewing help, a voice from an adult that’s not your mom, or just a quick hello, your counselors, teachers, directors, and CITs will be there for you year round.


And finally…


  1. YOU!

We at Camp Meraki are so grateful to have wonderful campers and families like you that keep the magic alive. Camp Meraki could not exist without the enthusiasm, dedication, creativity, and love that each and every one of you brings each year.


We really could not have camp without you amazing campers! We love you so much that we will give you the $1995 tuition rate if you register between November 23-26 (Holla at those Black Friday deals!!!!)! Use the code BFMERAKI19 at checkout.


What are YOU all thankful for? Let us know in the comments.


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