Lessons from Camp Meraki to Use Everyday

Sometimes camp lessons are applicable to our craft; whether that be learning how to really belt that D, sewing the perfect seam, or framing the perfect shot. But sometimes they are more than that. Camp can teach us so much more about life and learning.

This week we reached out to some of our amazing directors, counselors, and of course campers to hear about some camp-lessons that they use in their everyday lives.

“The biggest lesson I have learned at camp that I use in everyday life is connection. Connection to others, to yourself, and to your craft. It’s important to nurture all of these things in your everyday life!” – Christine, Owner/Director

Yes, Christine! You are so right. Sometimes we get so caught up in the technicalities of the things we do that we can forget why we do them. Camp (and life!) is all about connecting with the people around you and committing yourself to the moment.

How many times have you gotten so caught up in nailing a pirouette that you forgot the reason you’re doing the pirouette in the first place – that you love to dance!


“I learned all about being myself – everyone at camp has inspired me to break down my wall and just be truly me and not regret anything about showing the world who I am.” – Hanna B, War Paint


At Camp Meraki we make no judgements. Our goal is to provide a space so campers like Hanna can gain the confidence they need. At Camp Meraki, everybody matters. Everybody has a voice. Everybody is seen.


What other lessons have you learned at camp that you use in everyday life? Let us know in the comments!


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