It’s hard to believe we’ve only been away from Meraki for four weeks. Have you ever experienced that dreaded post-camp slump? Symptoms may include the need to plan an elaborate prank, cabin bonding withdrawals, or heartache due to missing morning exercises…


Well, we have some exciting news for you. The Meraki Moments blog is here with your weekly dose of camp magic all year round! To kick off the relaunch of our blog, we’ve laid out 3 ways to cure your post-Meraki slump!

Turn on the camp songs!


Summer after summer, we’ve sung the praises of broadway hits like those from Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, and Urinetown (just to name a few!). According to many Camp Meraki campers and counselors, listening to past camp songs, whether group numbers or memorable talent shows, can indeed help cure your camp-sickness! Belt them out on the way to school, on your way to class, in the shower; anywhere really!


Change up some of the lyrics with silly references and you may find yourself howling on the ground. Try these ones, for starters from the Hair Medley: “Ain’t got no drums, ain’t got no Anasti!” (I’m still unsure if this is the correct term for the plural of “Anastas”? War Paint, help me out here!).


Friendship Bracelets Year Round


Friendship bracelet making doesn’t stop when Meraki ends! Ease the pain of your post-camp blues and make friendship bracelets for next summer! We all know the drill: all of us arrive at camp, and all the sudden our cabinmates and everyone in our electives are asking us for friendship bracelets. You begin to panic. There’s just not enough time to finish ten, twenty, or even thirty friendship bracelets in one camp season! Your fingers become sore and numb from the endless knot tying, and you start to give up. The solution? Message your camp friends for their favorite colors and patterns, tie your strings leisurely throughout the school year, and make sure some of your creations of camp friendship are ready to go on day one! Friendships don’t halt during the school year, so neither should the making of friendship bracelets!


Show Off Your Meraki Swag!


Last but not least, one of my personal favorite camp-sickness remedies is simply wearing one of many of my Camp Meraki T-shirts (Those blue ones are so soft!). Whenever we miss our home away from home, our Meraki swag is there to remind us of all the good times we’ve spent creating, loving, and laughing at camp. Whether you zip up your hoodie, slip on your sweats, or break out your Meraki T-Shirt for a jog, you can feel like you’re always with a piece of your camp family no matter where in the world you might be!


Speaking of which…we’re holding a photo contest! Just how creative can you get while showing off your Camp Meraki swag? Send in pictures of you in your camp shirt, hoodie, or joggers to our Instagram, and enter the chance to win a free piece of camp swag at Meraki 2019!


So, how do you cope with the post-camp slump? Leave your ideas in the comments, and make sure to check out next week’s blog post to find out the winner of our photo contest and to learn more about how to use lessons learned at camp in your everyday life.


By the way, if you don’t already follow us on Instagram: do it! We post pictures, videos, and stories throughout the off-season to keep the camp-sickness away and a smile on your face!


That’s all for this week!


Much love,


Emily Callan
Blog Manager

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