4 Reasons To Send Your Kid To Arts Camp

As the summer season approaches, parents are in the middle of making big decisions about which summer programs to send their children to! With over 12,000 day and overnight camps in the United States to choose from, the process of sifting through dozens of specialty summer camps can leave parents feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place. Is sports camp not feeling like the right fit for your theatre-loving camper?

Maybe color wars or camp-wide capture the flag seem like an overwhelming prospect for your introverted budding artist. We have a solution! Below, we’ve laid out 4 reasons why sending your kid to Arts Camp is the perfect match made for any creative camper this summer!


29829278_10155223943741646_432019007_oSchool can sometimes feel isolating for us creative types! Whether your child gravitates toward theatre, singing, dancing, drawing, or sound recording, their interests may not always be met with open arms during the school year. At Arts Camp, however, we understand the magnitude at which art impacts culture on a global scale! There are so many reasons why the creative arts are just as important as math, science, or any school subject. No matter which fields of art your camper explores, a passionate community of campers, teachers, and counselors are always around to celebrate your camper’s individuality and creativity!


Practice. Persistence. Passion. Dedication… and Passion, to name a few words! (I know, I said passion twice. Arts people are just extremely passionate about their crafts!) In a world of immediate gratification and status-driven social media obsession, sometimes what is actually important to us and our kids can be lost in the hustle and bustle of the digital age.

With every song a camper chooses to work on, they will spend time practicing individually and with a teacher. When a camper may be struggling during their monologue at rehearsal, Arts Camp teaches them to persist through their challenges and learn from their mistakes. With each take during a filming session, each member of the cast and crew execute their interest with passion. Arts Camp embraces and implements core values, which in turn allows campers and parents alike to rethink their own values outside of the camp setting!


Anyone who has been to summer camp understands the deep rooted connection we feel with our camp communities. As artists, we want to leave campers who attend Arts Camp with an eagerness to explore all facets of the world around us, and present the uniqueness of the world in a way which allows others to empathize with our stories. Both summer camp and the arts revolve around community, connection, and compassion. Send your kid to Arts Camp, and equip them with skills to empathize with others, communicate meaningfully through the arts, and create long-lasting friendships.


Campers performing a scene from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

Maybe your camper is coming to Arts Camp as a singer, but is also interested in play-writing. Perhaps your kid wants to learn more about Shakespeare, but doesn’t have the resources to, or know where to dive in. Arts Camp is the perfect foundation for exploring your camper’s interests in order to cultivate and refine what could end up being their lifelong passion, hobby, or career!

Are you aligned with any of the points you’ve read above? I think we may just have the right program for you and your creatively inclined camper!

Camp Meraki offers an 11-day, non-competitive environment for kids ages 8-17 to learn about the performing arts. Set at scenic Camp Eastwood in Oakland, Maine, we offer outstanding classes in film, theatre, singing, acting, dance, writing, and many other creative disciplines!

Campers working with Broadway Guest Artist Mary-Page Nance

Our classes are taught by some of the best teachers and performers in the industry, each of whom are dedicated to their students on a very individualized level, ensuring every camper receives the best possible training and encouragement. Our goal is for campers to walk away having had the time of their lives, with a newfound confidence in sharing their voice through the exploration of the creative and performing arts!

Looking for more information? Visit our website, or send us an email at info@campmeraki.com with any questions about our upcoming 2018 season!

29748422_10155223943451646_1354745595_o (1)
Camp Meraki Final Show 2017: A Scene of “You Will Be Found” from Dear Evan Hansen

Article by Anastas Varinos

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